LOOPER PACK - $19.99

Looper Pack is a massive set of 40 animated texture loops for use with After Effects. Think big! These are lossless 2K (2048 x 1556 ) files, made by hand in Photoshop using lots of fun brushes, and then rendered out in After Effects for you. Available as a Ray Dynamic Texture-ready After Effects Project, or as QuickTime Movies or PNG Sequences if you like.

I wanted to give you as many options as possible, so this set contains four groups of ten textures: Grainy Loops, Gritty Loops, Liney Loops and Loopy Loops.

Check out the thumbnail gallery HERE, and my handy-dandy TUTORIAL for more information.



Wiper Pack contains 30 textured matte transitions for use with After Effects. I painted these ourselves, frame by frame in Photoshop, and then converted them into 1920 x 1080 Quicktime movies for you to use in your own projects. These are ideally suited as Alpha Mattes for layers that need to transition on and/or off screen in interesting ways.

This pack features 10 horizontal wipes, 10 vertical wipes, 5 diagonal wipes and 5 grunge wipes -- as well as a PDF gallery with a thumbnail of each wipe.. Textures as well as wipe timings vary by file.  This will save you a shit-ton of time and is only $15! 

Read my blog post for more details and a sneak peek at some of the mattes.




If you like to keep your comps nice and tidy like I do, you should definitely check out my popular tool for After Effects called Obsessive Layers. Now you can easily batch trim all of your layers by first and last keyframes, by markers, by parent chains or even by individual matte/fill pairings. This is a huge time saver that only takes up a tiny little bit of screen real estate in After Effects.

Lester Banks wrote a great review of the tool, which you can find HERE.

Obsessive Layers 2.0 TUTORIAL.