9 Squares Round 30

Warning: Staring at these images will undoubtedly lead to madness.  

This was my first time playing 9 Squares, and it was hella fun. Al, Skip and David recently adopted a two-color palette, which at first I thought might be limiting, but in the end really forced me to be creative. 

The theme for this round was Perception, which I was way into. Maybe to much, even. I found it hard to limit myself to one square.

I started out with an homage to an artist I recently discovered, named Pedro Friedeberg who often incorporates intricate geometrics in his paintings and sculpture.  

But then I wanted to play more with the idea of depth in a flat, two-color world. How would it look? I also experimented with different frame rates and exactly which ones caused epileptic seizures.

Eye popping goodness!

Eye popping goodness!

At the last minute I had a whole different idea that I worked on for while and then ultimately ran out of time before completing. The idea was to paint the whole 3 second sequence frame-by-frame in Photoshop, dividing up the frame into a series of smaller squares. 

I really like the quality of the test, and want to do more of this in the future. Maybe in a different, less ... abrasive ... two-color palette. :)

Check it out!  9 Squares Round 30

Thanks to Al, Skip and David, as well as the other eight contributors to this round!