BLEND 2019: The bestest thanks

It’s always super inspirational to meet people who have benefitted from my teaching efforts. Especially when they’re as awesome and talented as this gentleman here, Rommel Ruiz. I mean, check out this guy’s work! He’s a killer!

Screen Shot 2019-09-24 at 5.47.34 PM.png

Just back from Blend, and I’m buzzing like a play-doh textured cute animal creature or something.

2019 Blend was, as always, all about the love. But this year was a little different for me, because this was the first Blend to run since my class Animation Kickstart debuted at School of Motion. And that meant that super nice people kept coming up to me to introduce themselves and say Hi, which was really fun and inspirational — and also pretty different from the first two Blends. It definitely feels good knowing that I’m helping to make it easier for talented people to enter the the industry I love so much.

There was also a little bit of fan-boy love coming my way — a few people seemed a little nervous to say hi to me — which was both humbling and a little funny at the same time. I remember the first Blend, not too long ago, when I felt like a total unknown and was starstruck by some folks who I’m now lucky to call my friends. It all goes around!

And — I’m still a fanboy too! Here’s me nerding it up with Joshua Beveridge!


But, pro tip: I told him this was for my nephew. Just to keep cool.

Major thanks as always to Jorge, Claudio, Sander and Theresa for the wonderful animation love-a-thon in Vancouver.

Please keep doing it!