Look, look! I'm in a book!

There’s a new FREE book out today by my friends at the School Of Motion, called “Experiment. Fail. Repeat.” and it’s well-worth the attention of anyone who works in the field.


Based on over 80 interviews with some of the top people in motion design (including me!), this book is an amazing resource for the community and should be read by every student of animation and motion graphics.

For me it is a HUGE honor to be listed among my heroes in the industry. This book features the best of the best: Buck, Giant Ant, Animade, MK12, Cub Studio and more. And a bunch of people I’ve become friends with in the last few years: Zack Lovatt, Ariel Costa, Joe Donaldson, JR Canest, Erica Gorochow, etc.

Check it out and pass along this invaluable knowledge!