Another Day, Another NDA

Wow, I can’t believe it’s September already. It’s been a busy year! But I can’t really talk about anything I’ve worked on (or will be working on) because I’m NDA’d up the wazoo.

Still, I can give some hints.


First up, I’m excited to say that of the last four big projects I’ve been working on, three of them involve main title sequences. In the last few months I’ve directed the opening titles for a prestige drama show launching on History network in January (with some big-name TV stars attached), as well as the main-on-end titles for a political thriller produced by Steven Soderbergh that I made with Pentagram.

Finally, I’m in the works with the good folks at to make another promo video about some major new developments happening there. Super excited!

Wish I could reveal more, but have patience!