Munn, For Sale!

Fans of the motion design community surely already know about the wonderful Holdframe market started recently by Joe Donaldson. If you have never checked it out, you definitely should. 

Essentially, Holdframe sells After Effects projects for really excellent motion design pieces, including some of my favorites. For instance Ariel Costa's breathtaking "Sins" and Eliot Lim's kickass tribute to "The Wire".


In order to make the projects as accessible as possible, Joe also does deep-dive interviews with the makers to talk about who they are and how they made the works, as well as some technical shoptalk about specific processes. It's really cool, and even a grizzled old fart like myself can learn a few new tricks from watching the videos and checking out the projects up close.


I am excited to report that as of today, my short film "Munn, After Losing" is now for sale on the brand new Odds and Ends page! Now brave souls like yourself can pay a small amount of money to download my After Effects project and scrutinize my keyframes until your eyeballs bleed. Plus, I wrote up a silly, semi-informative breakdown of my process which will hopefully give you a better understanding of my intentions and oddball expression game. Honestly, even though I made this over a year ago, I'm still eager to continue exploring the avenues I opened up with the rigging process I went through on this piece.

Finally -- I have to say, the best part of this was being asked. I mean, to be included in this select group of motion designers kinda blew me away. Seeing my project for sale next to the great Handel Eugene's "Play" is a wonderful way to start this week. Thanks Joe!