Looper Pack 2


Looper Pack 2 has arrived! Finally, I know. It took me waaaay too long to get this set out. My excuse? Something about being really busy, I suppose. 

Nonetheless, these really rock and I'm super excited to see what people make with them.

What's different about this set? In a nutshell, they are twice as big and a tiny bit more compressed. All of these texture loops are 4K, not 2K like the first Looper Pack. And to make the set a little smaller and easier to deal with, I compressed the QTM files as ProRes 422 instead of making them completely lossless. I can't even see a difference in terms of quality, and the files are much lighter. Win-win.

Swirly Streaks.gif

Secondly, this set is a lot loopier. In the first set I covered some of the real basics, like a bunch of different grain and grit textures. As essential as that stuff is, Looper Pack 2 goes a lot farther. This time I concentrated on more fun, more dynamic textures. If you look at the THUMBNAIL GALLERY you will see what I mean. 

Other than that, this pack is set up similarly to the first one. It can be purchased three ways: as QuickTime movies, as PNG Sequences (these are completely uncompressed) or as a pre-made Ray Dynamic Texture AEP. I can't think of any better options, otherwise I would have included them.

Textures are grouped into four sets of ten loops, in alphabetical order. And yes, I worked pretty hard to come up with punny and or silly names for every single texture. 

Wriggly Field.gif
Stormy Daniels.gif

One reason that it took me so long to make all of these loops is that I created them myself by hand in Photoshop. Essentially I went through all of my favorite brushes by Kyle T Webster and then tried to think of fun ways to animate them. I totally recommend you try it yourself! 

For three or four brushes I used Fractal Noise in After Effects to achieve the desired effect. Truth be told, I'm a bit of a Fractal Noise fanatic, and one day might release a whole set created using that method. 

In the meanwhile, have fun with this set! I think you will be very pleased with how easily you can add some really lively, dynamic feel to your work this way. But remember ... please texture responsibly.