Another Spin Around the Wheel

Happy New Year! To celebrate 2018 in advance, we made this hypnotic little loop called "Another Spin Around the Wheel".


This was seriously fun to make, and, actually required me to stretch my brain to figure a couple of things out. If you're interested, you can check out my project file HERE

Hint: it involves a lot of precomps. 

This was made for the School of Motion 2017 Holiday card project, and was organized by the one and only Traci Brinling. Big thanks to her, and all the fine folks at SoM! 

I used two tools for this that I've never used before, and both are excellent. Both saved my butt on this, because of the tight turnaround time.

FLOW by Zack Lovatt and renderTom. Generally speaking I'm such a big AE geek that I enjoy spending a lot of time adjusting keyframe interpolation in the Graph Editor. But for this project, I needed something that would allow me to apply the exact same interpolation to every property of every layer. That would have been a total nightmare without Flow, I assure you.

SHADE IT by Eyedesyn (aka EJ Hassenfratz). As many of you already know, I'm a bit mad for textures. For this project I knew I wanted a little something-something to take the flat edge off the shape layers, but I had no desire to move each one of the 300+ layers through Photoshop. Shade It saved my butt!

Wishing you all a wonderful, happy and productive 2018!!